Thanks to the world’s rapid development, the demand for beauty products, especially hair extensions products, has been rising significantly. The hair extension market is always competitive and brings about multiple benefits. Asian hair market is considered as one of the most active one with countless hair wholesale vendors from China, India, Vietnam, Cambodia… Among those, the Vietnamese hair vendors are famous for providing the highest-quality hair extension products with reasonable prices and K- Hair Factory is the most potential nominee for the top ranking distributor in this country.


The factory was founded in the last years of the nineteenth century by the CEO Daniel. The headquarter of K- Hair factory is located in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, which is the most developing place in this country. Therefore, the source of information, service support and labor source are sufficient and qualified. The vision of the factory is to become the top global manufacturer for all countries. For years, K- Hair Factory has been the regular distributor of the African market, especially Nigeria, Brazil,… with the exportation of tons of products. 


The hair source of K- Hair Factory is human hair which comes from the condors living in the mountainous and rural areas of Vietnam. As we all know, human hair has outweighed characteristics in comparison to other hair types like synthetic hair or fabric strands. They are women grouped by similar characteristics of hair then the hair is gathered to slightly processed in the factory. As these women do not use many chemical products on their hair, the material of K- Hair Factory is soft and healthy. This is the answer for their high-quality hair extensions and the differences from other countries’ products like those from Chinese hair factory or Indian factory, etc. For example, the Chinese hair extensions are made from the mixed hair bought from native women while the Indian factories gather waste hair or hair dedicated to temples. Although those hair sources are cheap and multiple, their quality is not stable and assured.


K- Hair Factory is equipped with high technical machines and possesses skillful labor. Therefore, the production chain is professional that can assure not only the quantity but also the quality of the hair extensions. Furthermore, there is a departure of the factory called RnD and Testing Head taking responsibility for the quality’s standard of every single product. Thus, the consumers can find the K- Hair Factory as a reliable vendor with on point hair extensions.


The next criteria is that all the common and trendy hair extension types are available in K- Hair Factory. Particularly there are virgin hair and remy hair extensions; there are hair weft and wigs with different grades; there are ponytail, pixie curl and even bone straight hair offered on the website. Not to mention about the variety of colors to match different skin colors and face shapes. In addition, there are vip packages for you to request the hair extensions to be designed according to your own interest. Although the Vietnamese hair extensions are a little more expensive than other national hair markets such as India or China. However, thanks to the highest quality of the hair source among all the Asian markets, the hair extensions produced from K- Hair Factory are still the most favored hair product around the world because the price goes with the quality.


The salesmen from K- Hair are enthusiastic and supportive. They are well-trained staff with deep knowledge about the hair market, the consumers’ interest and the products. There are dozens of staff with their contact available on the K- Hair Factory to assure the consumers can be connected at any time. Even if you are a newbie, when you contact the staff, they will help you find the relevant products that can meet your demands and provide the basic features of each hair type if you ask for. K- Hair Factory has a wide range of payment methods to support the consumers from every corner around the world. There is a separate departure to deal with the international logistic policies and the payment of international customers. 


K- Hair Factory also connects with the worldwide delivering companies that help the exportation to other countries more conveniently. In addition, because there is no middleman, K- Hair Factory’s extensions are affordable while maintaining high quality. Although Vietnamese hair is slightly more costly than the neighbors’ market, the pricing corresponds to the quality; K- Hair Factory’s slogan is “Quality is King,” and the prices are fair. Hair extensions are often available at varying price levels depending on the length and kind of hair. When you contact the staff personally, they will provide you more information about each hair type and price.


The secret to spread the reputation of K- Hair Factory is by taking full advantage of the Internet. They create not only a professional website but also a youtube channel for the business. On the websites, there are articles that include informative knowledge about the factory, the tips for haircare and the products’ details. The website of K-Hair also provides the contact information of the staff, supports online shopping and introduces Vietnamese hair extension business. The youtube channel of K- Hair Factory posted useful videos every week with diversified contents about hair types, hair tips, hair reviews. After being activated the channel quickly gained attention of the hair extensions lovers and even received the Silver Button… If those are new to you, please visit the website and the youtube channel of K- Hair Factory to explore the world of hair extensions.


Over the years, K- Hair Factory has approved its position in the worldwide hair market by having the agencies located in UN and Nigeria to supply the products more quickly and directly to those competitive markets. If you are living in these places, you can contact the branches of K-Hair Factory to start a beneficial business. The vendors are helpful and can provide you with various hair types, colors and styles at an affordable price.