Artificial hair products are born with their mission to fulfill the shortcomings of consumers with undesirable hair status. This is explaining the dominance of hair extensions styles in the market, also their prevalence for all customers. Let’s look at this blog to figure out amazing truths! 

To get to know about hair extensions styles?

Firstly, hair extensions are synthetic products with the main materials from different hair sources of different hair vendors. 

Depending on each location and territory, the quality of hair extensions styles has its own origin and quality. 

The benefits of hair extensions styles are to add length and thickness for the original hair of users through a wide range of methods, including sewn, clip, tape, microbead, or etc. 

The different materials for hair extensions styles? 

To produce hair extensions styles, the materials that wholesale hair suppliers use are actually diversified, which 3 main types will be disclosed in this part: 

  • Hair extensions styles from Virgin: Virgin hair is human hair and collected from the only donor. Virgin with the same cuticle alignment, which has a positive impact on the quality of hair extensions. In the hair market, virgin hair is the highest quality with the interest of all wholesale hair vendors. Therefore, the price of virgin hair extensions styles is at the highest, compared to others. The costs of the virgin are totally applied for the motto:” the price is equivalent to the quality”. 

  • Hair extensions styles from Remy: Remy hair is also originated from human hair. However, this type is collected from at least two people, who have the same status as each other relatively. As such, the quality of Remy hair for hair extensions styles is guaranteed. Thanks to a reasonable price, comes with good quality, Remy is a popular hair source for hair suppliers to manufacture hair extensions styles. 

  • Hair extensions styles from non- Remy: Compared to Virgin, or Remy hair, the third type is more inferior. Due to the combination of different hair statuses, the quality of non- Remy become worst than ever. Because of revenues, many hair vendors tend to utilize this source mixed with another hair source to cater to consumers with dirt cheap. On the other hand, many prestigious hair suppliers even say No with non- Remy to guarantee the quality. In case you still by this type of hair extensions, please pay attention to hair care routine and choose the top best shampoo for hair extensions in order to keep the hair as durable as possible.

Types of hair extensions styles? 

With the higher demands for hair extensions styles, the latest ones are launched with a large number yearly to respond to the current and future of customers. We are offering some trendy hair extensions styles with their traits as suggestions: 

  • Clip-ins: clip-ins are applied on the scalp of users with specific clips to lengthen and thicken the hair volume. This is a hassle-free application for all customers, even you are novices! 
  • Tape-in: along with clip-ins, hair suppliers have used specified tape to wear tape-in hair extensions for consumers. No glue, no chemical factor which brings safety for users! 

  • Sewn-in: this hair extension style is complicated than other varieties. This method is horizontally produced toward the back of the head’s center until the cornrows from both sides meet. The firmness to the scalp is a plus point for sewn-in hair extensions styles. 
  • Microbead: A small bead secures a strand of synthetic hair extensions to your natural hair. As a result, your natural hair will be entirely protected. Microbead also enables users to easily wear on and remove as well. 

The price of hair extensions styles? 

The costs of hair extensions styles are determined by some factors: the quality, the length, and the grades. 

Hair extensions can be as cheap as $20 or as expensive as $3,000 while non-permanent hair extensions often cost between $200 and $500. Professional permanent extensions might cost anything from $600 to $3000.

If our information is practical with deep knowledge, let’s continue to the next part! This post about further information of human hair extensions online will definitely give you a lot of interesting knowledge: