Virgin hair is considered the most profitable type of hair for business because of the best quality. Therefore, to start a hair business, investors need to learn about the wholesale virgin hair market in the world. Here are the areas where the wholesale virgin hair market is concentrated and how to find reputable virgin hair suppliers.

Wholesale virgin hair market in the world

The concentration areas of wholesale virgin hair market in the world

Today, a lot of hair extensions are made from virgin hair. Virgin hair is unprocessed hair and is cut from only 1 donor, so it is rarely tangled. More and more wholesale virgin hair suppliers appear in different regions. Let’s find out about which region in the world the virgin hair market is concentrated in.

Asian wholesale virgin hair market

The Asian wholesale virgin hair market is highly concentrated by hair vendors for the following reasons:

  • Features of Asian virgin hair: Asian virgin hair is typically black and straight, with only a few individuals having naturally curly hair. It has a thicker cuticle and a central layer with more bundles of horns than European virgin hair, making it healthier than light hair types.
  • Favorable weather: Because most Asian countries are located in a tropical climate region, they have two seasons: summer and winter. This has significant implications for the development and quality of virgin hair.
  • Numerous sources of virgin hair: Hair is abundant in Asia, which has the world’s largest supply of strong virgin hair because residents in these countries often have a custom to have long hair.

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There are 3 most reputable virgin hair suppliers in the Asian market: China, India and Vietnam. This is a table that compare Vietnamese hair and others.

China  India Vietnam
Features of virgin hair Thin, weak and black, easily tangled and shedding Thin, rough and naturally curly, difficult to restyle, bleach and dye Soft, supple and easy to style
Origin of virgin hair Two main sources such as Chinese and Indian hair Temple hair taken directly from the person praying at the temple Women mainly in the high mountains and ethnic minorities
Development history of virgin hair vendors A history of virgin hair business for 10 to 15 years More than 30 years ago since 1992
Prices of virgin hair Quite cheap from 7.9 USD/bundle A bundle of virgin hair with just 6.7 USD Only from 8.6 USD/bundle

Eastern Europe wholesale virgin hair market

Eastern Europe is a prominent market for wholesale virgin hair merchants, coming in second after Asia. Here are the reasons for the popularity of the Eastern Europe wholesale virgin hair market.

  • Features of Eastern Europe virgin hair: soft, natural blonde.
    Virgin hair’s scarcity: Russian virgin hair has a distinctive and natural blonde tone.
  • High-tech: The bleaching and dyeing procedures used by wholesale virgin hair vendors in Russia and Eastern Europe are among the best in the world, even better than those used in China.

However, due to the rarity of Eastern European virgin hair, its price is quite high from 7.5 USD/bundle.

How to find a reputable wholesale virgin hair market?

To start a hair business, you need to know how to find trustworthy virgin hair markets and some signs of these markets.

Some ways to find a trustful wholesale virgin hair market

There are 3 most popular ways to find out the reputable virgin hair market: through social networks, through acquaintances in the hair industry and international hair fairs.

  • Thanks to the development of information technology, buying and selling online has become easier. You can find reputable wholesale virgin hair markets through social networking sites like Amazon, Alibaba, Walmart and Whatsapp and Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
  • You can also improve your understanding of the wholesale virgin hair market through honest acquaintances or partners in the hair industry. They will give you the most accurate advice.
  • International hair fairs can give you a lot of useful information about the hair industry, especially about the reputable wholesale virgin hair market. Major hair fairs are the convergence of reputable wholesale virgin hair suppliers, so you can find a wholesale virgin hair partner here.

Some signs of a credible wholesale virgin hair market

Here are a few special tips to help you find the right wholesale virgin hair market.

  • Have clear information about the address, contact method and business license
  • Have good reviews about the quality of virgin hair
  • Have an abundant supply of virgin hair
  • Have reliable shipping service
  • Prices for virgin hair products are neither too high nor too low, depending on the quality of the product.

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