Vietnamese ST24 rice is popular with consumers because it has many impressive features in aroma and texture after cooking.

ST24 rice’s origin

ST24 belongs to Vietnamese ST rice, which is mainly grown in the Mekong Delta provinces. “ST” stands for Soc Trang province – the homeland of ST rice. ST24 and other ST rice is created by Mr. Ho Quang Cua and his colleagues.

In 2017, ST24 ranked third at the World’s Best Rice Contest, held in Macau. At Vietnam Rice Festival in Long An in 2018, ST24 rice won the third prize. In 2019, this rice finished the first Vietnam Rice Contest, held in Ho Chi Minh city.


ST24 rice’s characteristics

As Vietnamese specialty rice, ST24 rice has many impressive characteristics.

  • Shape: long grain
  • Grain length: 7.5 – 8.5 mm
  • Color: clear white
  • Aroma: pandan leaves
  • Texture: moist and sticky when cooked
  • Flavor: sweet

ST24 rice is one of the leading Vietnamese rice for export, mainly to China, Africa, and the EU. The exact quantity of ST24 Vietnamese rice exports from Vietnam may vary depending on a range of factors such as production levels, demand, and market conditions. Each market will require different specifications. Here is the specification of ST24 rice for export.

Crop Current
Broken 5.0% Max
Moisture 14.5% Max
Foreign Matters 0.2% Max
Red & Red Streaked Kernels 0.5% Max
Yellow Kernels 0.5% Max
Damaged Kernels 0.5% Max
Chalky Kernels 6.0% Max
Paddy 10 grains/kg Max
Milling Degrees Well milled & double polished

ST24 rice brands

Now, there are many brands distributing ST24 rice with high quality and at reasonable prices.

A AN ST24 brand

One of the famous ST24 rice brands in Vietnam is A AN of Tan Long Group Joint Stock Company. The company was established in 2000 in Hanoi. After nearly 20 years of operation and development, Tan Long Group is striving to become the leading corporation in Vietnam in the field of green and clean agriculture.

K-Agriculture Factory ST24 brand

The second ST24 rice company is K-Agriculture Factory. Established in 1996, the company has developed and distributed high-quality st24 rice, meeting the increasing demands of domestic and foreign markets. K-Agriculture Factory’s ST24 rice is certified by competent authorities and trusted by consumers.

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Hoa Lua ST24 brand

Tan Thanh Trading Co., Ltd. is a leader in applying Bio-Power in the field, and bio-products that are friendly to the environment and people such as Plastimula 1SL, Chubeca 1.8SL, Lacasato 4SP are sold by millions of farmers. People throughout the provinces of the Mekong Delta, the East, the Central, and the Central Highlands love, trust, and support.

If you are interested in Vietnamese ST24 rice and want to import it, K-Agriculture Factory is a reliable supplier, ensuring the best quality and prices.

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