Oreck Corp., a small, family-owned manufacturer of floor care products, has been able to create a niche in the industry by innovating within core categories and growing at a moderate pace.

Floor Care

Company president David Oreck has maintained a relatively conservative line of professional floor care products for commercial and retail use since 1963.

The manufacturer has remained a stalwart player in the high end of the floor care industry by distributing products through an Oreck direct-mail catalog, high-end specialty stores and independent vac dealers.

“Our method of distribution is through widespread vacuum specialists and our direct marketing, which complements our dealer program,” said Oreck.

Like many of the other high-end niche players like Metropolitan Vacuum, Oreck maintains high margins by selling directly to consumers and developing strong long-term relationships with retailers who provide service.

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“We do offer a high margin to our customers,” Oreck said. “In return for that, we expect them to give good service to our consumers.”

Some of the Oreck vacs may retail for more than $500 through the American Express catalog, but the manufacturer has also been able to find success on the retail sales floor and provide products that can retail in the $300 range.

Oreck said that its retailers often provide consumers with on-site service while they wait. Furthermore, the company guarantees workmanship with five-year warranties on many of its products.

The manufacturer has also been strong in commercial channels, with floor polishers, vac/blowers and tank style canister vacs in stainless steel. Profesional carpet shampooers and wet/dry vacs are also available through the company’s own catalog and some retail outlets.

Like many other smaller manufacturers, Oreck remains strong in the high-end niche by not overexpanding and consistently upgrading its product line, which includes high powered canisters and uprights as well as handhelds.

“We don’t try to make our lines obsolete, we improve them,” Oreck said.

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The manufacturer has come out with a new line of professional vacuum cleaners called the Celoc system, which clean with a high density filter that reduces nearly 100 percent of allergenic particles with sizes as small as 3 microns, according to the company.

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The Celoc system utilizes a double walled paper bag filter that prevents dust and other allergens from being blown out of the vacuum bag during operation of the motor. According to Oreck, the filtering capability of the unit is “the equivalent of 30 sheets of filter paper.”

The system is being shipped as an upright and a canister.

The upright is powered by a 3.2 amp, multi-speed motor. Features on the XL 9400G upright include an extra large 736-cubic-inch top-filling filter bag, 30-foot power cable, hand grip, brush edge cleaners, and adjustable power head with two headlights.

The unit’s dimensions are 48 inches in height and 8 pounds. Shipping weight is 11 pounds. Base color is fire ball red with Oyster White trim.

The Celoc canister system features a 9.5 amp motor, 8-foot hose, retractable 20 foot cord, pistol grip, chrome plated wands. Attachments include crevice tool, upholstery tool with floating brush, drapery/dusting brush, 12-inch floor/wall brush, two 18 inch chrome-plated wands and a year’s supply of dust bags.