In the year 2013, K-Render Studio was founded. With over 7 years of experience, we have established the K-Render brand as the most trusted 3d rendering studio. We’ve grown the studio and our brand with the notion of treating customers with respect in order to provide them with the best service experience possible, and we’ll keep doing so.

The history of K-Render Studio-one of the best 3d rendering studio

K-Render is regarded as Vietnam’s greatest 3D rendering studio, and it presently enjoys a position of prominence in the world of architectural rendering. Mr. Ryan, the founder and CEO of K-Render Studio, is responsible for our 3d rendering studio’s rapid growth.

The story of how CEO- Ryan established K-Render-one of the best 3d rendering studio

Mr. Ryan had an interest in architecture since he was a child. He aspires to be a man capable of erecting the world’s largest structures. Ryan became a real architect after studying in the United States.


Brief biography of K-Render Studio

While working in Vietnam to make his goal a reality, Ryan noticed that architects in the country required a way to more readily showcase their design concepts. And Ryan was considering creating a 3D rendering studio that would specialize on architecture rendering, something he had seen in the United States.

This is how K-Render Studio was born to make his dream come true and fill with his desire: showcasing the world Vietnamese intelligence and serving the customers best services.

Pricing of K-Render Studio- one of the best 3d rendering studio.

K-Render services: We provide 3 main services: interior rendering, exterior rendering and designing.

  • The pricing: It ranges from $9,9 per square meter plus extra benefits attached such as free consultant, free 2 times edition.
    Our 3D rendering facility, in particular, can provide an endless perspective for new partners with projects of over 300 sqm.

K-Render services:

  • Please contact Mr. Ryan, CEO of K-Render Hotline/Whatsapp: (+84)855555961 to take advantage of our exclusive offer.

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Some crucial information of K-Render Studio- one of the best 3d rendering studio

  • Turn-around time: For 1500 square meters, our 3d rendering studio can usually deliver the finished architecture rendering in 15 days. (this does not include review time)

Some crucial information of K-Render Studio- one of the best 3d rendering studio

  • Some of the big projects: Please have a peek at some of our 3d rendering studio’s projects to see how high-quality our architectural rendering and design is.

The Arredamento Showroom is one of K-Render Studio’s most important projects. For the 3D representation of this high-end interior store, the design team has set high criteria. This post will demonstrate how K-Render Studio successfully completed this project and met our client’s expectations.

Workflow of K-Render Studio- one of the best 3d rendering studio

There are 5 stages

Stage 1: Gathering information

For 3D architecture rendering services, our 3D rendering studio requires precisedrawings, elevations, etc. We can collaborate with you to achieve the best results if you have any concept ideas.

Stage 2: Signing contracts

You cannot change concepts at this time. After the contract has been signed, everything is in order.

Stage 3: Modeling

The first drafts of the modeling will be emailed. If any changes are required, we will submit a new draft. You must repeat the operation till you are satisfied.

Stage 4: Rendering

Our 3D rendering studio will send you a draft with low-resolution architectural rendering at this point.

Stage 5: Final Visualization

Following receipt of full payment, K-Render will transmit the finished visualization in high resolution.