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  1. The excellent taste of the coffee sold by Viet Agri Wholesale

Regarding the wholesale market of green coffee in 2022, Vietnam ranks second among the top coffee exporting nations by export weight with a total volume of 1,251,495 tons, accounting for 6.5% of export volume. It also can see on the number of wholesale coffee beans suppliers that exist. This places Vietnam in second position among the top coffee-exporting countries. We can see, Viet Agri Wholesale is a reliable wholesale coffee beans supplier which you should buy when it comes to buying Vietnamese coffee.

Viet Agri Wholesale

  • Because of the high caffeine level in Robusta, it is one of the types of coffee that is consumed the most around the world.
  • Robusta is frequently utilised in the production of instant coffee as well as espresso. In addition to this, Robusta coffee is the most widely cultivated and exported variety in Vietnam; therefore, if you choose to sell it, you stand to make a significant amount of money. The Central Highlands was established to cultivate the best coffee beans for bulk consumption.
  • The roasted Robusta coffee beans sold by Viet Agri Wholesale are distinct from raw Robusta beans in a few key respects. Let’s take a look at both of them so that we can tell them apart. Robusta coffee beans have a brown colour after they have been roasted.
  • Robusta coffee from Viet Agri Wholesale often has a fragrance that ranges from medium to very robust in terms of flavour. They have the flavour of oats. Unroasted Robusta coffee has an aroma similar to that of fresh peanuts. After the firewood has been roasted, there is a barely perceptible odour. It smells like burning rubber.

2. Factors affecting the price of coffee at Viet Agri Wholesale

There are a number of things that can influence the price of coffee beans at Viet Agri Wholesale. This is because coffee has the potential to be an exported item.

2.1.The supply and demand of coffee beans of Viet Agri Wholesale according to the law

  • In our business, the cost of coffee beans is heavily influenced by the total amount produced throughout each harvesting season. It can go up or down depending on various external factors, including the customers’ requirements.
  • The quantity of coffee that is delivered to the market will be in low supply if there is a crop failure or an off-season owing to weather conditions. On the other hand, the demand for coffee around the world will not vary. As a direct consequence of this, the cost of coffee beans went up.
  • When formulating an import strategy, you might also take into account the harvesting seasons of the various countries. Vietnam is the country that provides the world with coffee, and the harvesting season runs from October to April each year. Therefore, the price of green coffee may go up or down depending on the quantity of production during a given period as well as the quantity of qualifying imports during that same period.
Coffee famous Vietnam agricultural products

Coffee famous Vietnam agricultural products

2.2. Coffee bean ingredients

  • As was just discussed, the cost of each distinct variety of coffee beans will be different. Robusta and Arabica are the two primary types of coffee that Viet Agri Wholesale carries in its inventory.
  • Because Arabica and Robusta cater to users with varying preferences, the price of this coffee will increase in direct proportion to its level of demand. When it comes to flavour and aroma, Arabica coffee beans often command a higher price than Robusta beans do.

2.3. Transport fee

  • Ships are the most common mode of transportation for transporting coffee both domestically and internationally. On the other hand, this might be risky in the corporate world.
  • It is possible that the shipping method will have an effect on the price of coffee beans sold by our organization. The most frequent modes of transportation are ground shipping, air shipping, and sea shipping.
  • Road transport is the way that is most usually used to move wholesale coffee beans inside a country, but this approach can also be utilized between countries that are geographically adjacent to one another. This approach offers the lowest possible cost, but there is a possibility that the items will become damaged during the shipping process.
  • International shipping typically involves the use of marine shipping. Because of factors such as distance (shipping coffee beans from Vietnam to Australia is more cost-effective than sending them to the United States), the price of coffee beans could be lower or higher. This is in addition to the cost of the insurance premium. 

2.4. Insurance fees

  • This is one of the elements that will affect the price of coffee at Viet Agri Wholesale, and the supplier, Viet Agri, will be responsible for paying this cost. When exporting your beans to the wholesale coffee bean market, you should give some thought to obtaining an insurance policy. 
  • Be cautious to choose the correct company and the right insurance coverage, as the various types of shipment will each have their own unique insurance requirements.
  • If this is your first time working with FWD or an exporter, we strongly suggest that you delegate this responsibility to one of them

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