Ponytail hair extension is the solution for all customers who want a thick and beautiful high ponytail but their real hair is thin and not bouncy. Let’s find out what a ponytail hair extension is.


ponytail hair extension

Overview about ponytail hair extension

Why do people like ponytail hair extensions?

What is the ponytail hair extension?

Ponytail hair extensions is the best solution in the beauty field:

  • Ponytail hair is the hairstyle of people with long and thick hair tied up. Ponytail hair extension creates a very beautiful hair effect that gives a youthful feeling and a bit of glamor loved by many famous stars especially this ponytail hair is also a trademark of Ariana Grande.
  • Ponytail hair extension which is in weft hair extension can become a trend when it seems that no one will like it anymore because of the new style it brings. Customers who tend to rejuvenate often choose this hairstyle both to create a compact face and create a luxurious effect when walking with their hair swaying in the back.

 The origin of ponytail hair extension

Ponytail hair extension is so loved but do you know where it comes from?

  • Ponytail hair extension is made from 100% real hair with high quality hair, spread evenly in thin layers, then fixed at the end of the hair, then used directly on the customer’s previously tied hair.
  • Previously ponytail hair extension was produced by human power, the workers would directly affect the hair and bundle it, but it did not bring natural beauty. Later when the society developed and let the hair industry step to a new level, the market invested in modern machines and ponytail hair extensions are made with very good quality, creating a very natural feeling for customers.

Pros and cons of ponytail hair extension

Here are some of ponytail hair extension’s advantages and disadvantages, let’s find out:


pros and cons of ponytail hair extension

Pros of ponytail hair extension

Surely you also want to know why it is so loved, here are some reasons:

  • Obviously the first advantage is that ponytail hair extensions are very fashionable. It will help you instantly have a gorgeous ponytail with perfect volume and just the right length for you. That’s why it’s loved by so many customers.
  • You may not know but ponytail hair extensions are very easy to use without causing pain or damage to your real hair. You simply tie your real hair up to a desired level then attach a ponytail hair extension to the part you tied before and align it to the most appropriate and fix it, you have a ponytail perfect hair.

Cons of ponytail hair extension

Here are some of its disadvantages that you should be aware of:

  • Because of the good quality and the fact that ponytail hair extension is becoming the current trend, its price is quite high. But of course it’s not overrated but the quality and benefits it brings to the beauty of your hair are undeniable.
  • It is also quite difficult to take care of ponytail hair extensions. Because it is a hair extension at the end that can be easily removed and used many times, ponytail hair extension’s care also needs to be taken care of, so this is also something that not all customers like.

How to take care of ponytail hair extensions?

If you want to have long-lasting beautiful hair, you must take good care of ponytail hair extension:


how to take care of ponytail hair extension

  • Choosing a suitable shampoo is extremely important in cleaning ponytail hair extension. Each type of hair extension has different hair qualities, so not every shampoo is suitable for the type of ponytail hair extension you buy.
  • Ponytail hair extensions are recommended to use cold water instead of hot water because like your real hair, the hair extension is very soft against heat because it is made of 100% real hair. So when you wash ponytail hair extensions, limit using hot water, it will quickly cause your hair to become damaged, use cold water to keep ponytail hair extensions strong and beautiful for as long as possible.
  • Limit the use of a blow dryer or heat styler on ponytail hair extension as any hair type will be damaged if you apply too much heat without using any kind of hair product. So if you want a ponytail hair extension to be natural and smooth, limit the use of heat on it and take care of it like your own hair.
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