Delivery terms of K-Agriculture will help you understand more about importing Vietnamese agricultural products procedure. And, you will be strongly supported by K-Agriculture when working with them.

Delivery terms of K-Agriculture when ordering samples

When buying at our factory, customers will get free samples for testing. The volume of samples will depend on the type of product. For example, samples of Coffee From Viet Agri Wholesale will be from 250 gram to 1 kilogram, samples of rice will be from 2 to 12 kilogram, etc. However, the customer will have to pay the shipping fee themselves.

Samples can be shipped by sea or by air. However, K-Agriculture offers customers to choose to ship by water because agricultural products are dry goods, can be preserved and stored for a long time, so shipping by sea is completely reasonable on costs for importers.


Delivery terms of K-Agriculture when ordering in bulk

For bulk orders of agricultural products, the delivery terms of K-Agriculture also have other incentives. However, there are also two main means of transport: airplanes and ships.

  • With small packages: K-Agriculture will send in the form of door-to-door shipping or all-in shipping, depending on two parties’ negotiation.
  • With large volume packages: K-Agriculture will send in containers, semi-covered or bareboat. The price of this shipment will be lower, but the customs clearance will be more complex.

Pros and cons of different delivery terms of K-Agriculture

Different ways of transportation have both pros and cons that customers can consider to choose the most suitable one.

Air shipping Sea shipping
Pros – Shorter routes, natural routes
– It is less reliant on the terrain.
– High mobility and high speed
– Because of the short transit duration, it is the safest means of transportation with the lowest risk. Because the route flies directly through the air, it is less affected by terrain and geography.
– Always employ cutting-edge technology.
– Documents and procedures should be made as simple as possible.
– Documents and procedures should be made as simple as possible.
– Large transportation capacity
– Because of the vast tonnage of ships, the cost is among the lowest of all types of transportation.
– Suitable for transporting a wide range of items in international trade, including bulk cargo like ore, coal, grain, and oil.
Cons – High cost – Long time
– Complex customs clearance


Note about delivery terms of K-Agriculture

During the cooperation with K-Agriculture, customers will be supported and provided with information on the fastest and most convenient way of transportation. From there, customers can choose different delivery terms of K-Agriculture to suit their needs.

Conclusion of delivery terms of K-Agriculture

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