Arture Home is one of K-Render Studio’s many showroom projects. K-rendering Render’s artist attempted to accurately portray the design concept in 3D representations for this job. As a result, the showroom owner was instantly satisfied with this design and gave it his permission.

Overview of Arture Home project by K-render

Arturehome is a 600-square-meter furniture showroom. The luxury furniture products of Artur Home are presented here.

The design of Arture Home

Arture Home is a large-scale furniture store. Several sections make up the showroom.


Arturehome is a furniture showroom with a total area of about 600 square meters

The showroom has a lot of rooms which is combined

The light

The designer wants the light to reflect the refinement and high-class of the furniture. Each location requires distinct lighting.


Our rendering artists rendered the lamplight vividly

 Furniture of Arture Home

In Arture’s home, every piece of furniture is of the highest quality. All of the materials, colors, and proportions are ideal. This is something that the design firm wants to be reflected in 3D renderings.

How K-Render Studio render Arture Home.

Many aspects must be merged in order to get a unified representation of renderings and rendering of design ideas. The three key aspects that went into the Arture Home renderings that pleased our client – the architectural design group – are listed below.

Lighting in Arture Home.

The first factor to consider when creating realistic 3d renderings is light.

Some characteristics of lighting in k-render studio d renderings


High-end furniture is more bright with the lamplight

  • Light was used sensibly thanks to the artist’s gifted hand.
  • Lighting plays a vital role in high-end interior showrooms. Light disruptions will occur if natural light floods the room. The delicate and elegant materials will then blend in with the background.

Showrooms will need to give customers a warm, home-like feeling.

  • The light used in the Arture Home project is primarily lamp light. The golden light pours in, making the area feel warm and inviting – just what an interior showroom requires. Customers will want showrooms to feel warm and welcoming.
  • Lamps and interior furnishings like sofas, tables, and shelves are highlighted by the light. – The furniture stands out more because of the concentrated light. Furthermore, it creates distinct bright and dark regions that draw attention.

Sunshine Apartment project, on the other hand, make excellent use of natural light.

 Modeling in Arture Home

In general, high-end real furniture has a well-researched shape to provide the best possible experience for the user. As a result, the rendering artist must have a thorough understanding of the furniture he is modeling in order to draw it with the proper proportions.

High-end genuine furniture, in general, has a well-researched shape to give the user the greatest possible experience. As a result, in order to sketch the furniture with the right proportions, the rendering artist must have a full understanding of the furniture he is modeling.

 Materials in Arture Home

The artist’s difficulty is to show the beauty of each piece of furniture, which is made up of varied materials. K-Render Studio’s artists performed an excellent job with this project.


The camera angle used in the project is the horizontal camera angle

The leather, felt, and fabric components are all represented with great care and accuracy. Light reflected on the material adds to the shimmering effect.

Camera angle in Arture Home

Rendering angle is another significant component that contributes to the communication of design ideas to viewers by making 3d visualizations believable.

The horizontal camera angle is the one utilized in the project. Arture Home is a showroom for furniture. As a result, viewing the entirety of a space is critical. This is done with horizontal camera angles.

The horizontal camera perspective provides an overview of the space to the spectator. Viewers can simply envision how furniture might look in a real space.

What the clients think about this project.

The high-end furniture in the illustrated Arture Home- one of the best  example of 3d interior rendering captivated customers with its attention to detail and authenticity. The customer is excited to work with K-Render Studio again after this experience.

So far, our client is happy with the Arture Home project. The showroom owner was able to grasp the essence of the design thanks to our rendering, and the job was completed swiftly.