With stable supply chains and supporting policies, Vietnamese rice export has many advantages to develop. In 2020, Vietnamese rice export increased by 9.3% in value.

An overview of Vietnamese rice export

6.15 million tons of Vietnamese rice were exported in 2020, down 3.5% in volume but up 9.3% in value, compared to 2019. In the total Vietnamese rice export in 2020, fragrant rice accounted for 32.9%, white rice accounted for 32.5%, glutinous rice accounted for 29.6%, and japonica rice accounted for 4.8%.

Vietnamese rice export meets standards in many countries.

  • Broken ratio: 5%, 15%, and 25%.
  • Humidity: 14%
  • Chalky kernels: 3 – 8%
  • Red beads/red stripes: 0.5% – 5%
  • Leftover seeds: the less the better
  • Gold beads: the less the better
  • Mixed rice: the less the better
  • Impurities: the less the better
  • Milling degree: milled, milled, polished, or unpolished


Reasons for Vietnamese rice export’s development

The development of Vietnamese rice export stemmed from 4 main reasons.

Stable supply chains

Vietnam stands second in rice production in the world thanks to large growing areas and high yield. The Mekong Delta is the largest rice-growing area in Vietnam, accounting for 90% of the total Vietnamese rice export. Besides, rice is grown in many areas such as the Red River delta, Northern Midlands and Mountains, South East, and the middle South Coastal.

In 2020, Vietnam produced more than 42 million tons of rice, with a high yield of 59 quintals/ha. This resulted in large quantities of Vietnamese rice export.

Increasing value

Recently, the value of Vietnamese rice export has been increasing. A ton of Vietnamese 5% broken rice costs 438-440 USD. Now, Vietnamese rice export outperforms Thai rice in terms of value.

High demand for Vietnamese rice

The market of Vietnamese rice export has expanded to the EU, thanks to the free trade agreement between the two countries. Besides, the Philippines is the major importer of Vietnamese rice export, accounting for 84%. China is another customer with increasing demand (58% in volume and 50% in value).

Supporting policies

To boost the Vietnamese rice export, the government has cooperated with many countries to expand the export market. For example, the free trade agreement between the EU and Vietnam allows 80 thousand tons of Vietnamese rice to the EU.


Top 3 famous Vietnamese rice export companies

If you want to import Vietnamese rice, here is the list of 3 reliable Vietnamese rice export companies.

Sunrise Ins LTD – top Vietnamese rice export company

Founded in 2012, with 9 years of experience, Sunrise Ins LTD has become one of the leading Vietnamese rice export companies. Only focusing on the rice quality but Sunrise Ins LTD improves the life quality of farmers.

K-Agriculture Factory – top Vietnamese rice export company

Another Vietnamese rice export company is K-Agriculture Company, with a milling capacity of 500 tons/day. This company’s mission is to distribute the finest Vietnamese rice including Jasmine rice at https://k-agriculture.com/jasmine-rice-is-known-as-a-masterpiece-of-fragrant-rice/.

Vinafood 2 – top Vietnamese rice export company

Vinafood 2 is one of the major Vietnamese export companies. The company has factories in the Mekong Delta, producing 3 million tons of rice annually and exporting to many destinations.

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