Sunshine Apartment is an apartment with a special design style, showing the unique features of both the architect and the owner of the house. Let’s take a look at the 3D rendering of this house by K-Render Studio!

The amazing design of Sunshine Apartment

“A house for a big family” is the phrase used to describe Sunshine Apartment. The design of this house made K-Render feel impressed.

A house with a large and warm living space, many bedrooms for family members. Each area has its own character but still ensures overall harmony. Bringing this amazing design to 3D rendering to match the architect’s idea and the owner’s wishes is the mission of K-Render Studio.


The living room of Sunshine Apartment

K-Render customers expect more than one type of light to be used in Sunshine Apartment rendering. Besides, the beauty of carefully selected furniture also needs to be reflected in the 3D renderings.

Characteristics of Sunshine Apartment 3D rendering

Each characteristic contributes to the success of Sunshine Apartment 3D rendering.

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Somethings about lighting in Sunshine Apartment

  • The smart and harmonious combination of natural light and lamp light has made the house space warm and relaxing. Viewers can feel the relaxing feeling of sitting with family members in the living room as soon as they look at the rendering.
  • Natural light and lamp light are used alternately in different areas to create the beauty of each space.


Some tips for materials in this project

  • In order to show the ingenious arrangement of the design, rendering artists skillfully illustrate the materials so that they are realistic and in harmony with the space of the house as in Nolan Jolie Villa Project.

A bedroom in Sunshine Apartment

  • In Sunshine Apartment, a variety of materials are interlaced, creating a small challenge for rendering artists. Artists are forced to understand each material to be able to complete their work.

Rendering angles

Camera angles are very important to show how great the project is

  • After completing the other characteristics, choosing the camera angle for the rendering image is an important task of rendering artists.


  • Sunshine Apartment has a fairly large area. Therefore, rendering artists have chosen many types of camera angles such as horizontal camera angles, vertical camera angles placed in different locations in the house. The owner of the house can fully imagine the warm space that his family will live in in the future.

What did our client say about Sunshine Apartment 3D rendering

After completing the Sunshine Apartment rendering project, K-Render Studio was very pleased to receive positive comments and high appreciation from customers.

Customers have especially praised the authenticity of the 3D rendering, which captured the spirit of the house’s design and made the owners extremely satisfied.

K-Render Studio always expects to receive reviews from customers about products and services. We are constantly trying to improve our expertise and product quality.

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