Queen Hair is one of the most well-known hair factories in Vietnam and has been supplying hair for many big brands in the world.

Queen Hair establishment story

Queen Hair has more than twenty years of experience in the hair industry and is the leading factory in this field in Vietnam. The founding story of Queen Hair factory originates from Ms. Jessica.


Queen Hair establishment story

  • Ms. Jessica is the eldest child in a farming family, from a young age she has brought the desire to change and help the family. Then Jessica became the first in her family to attend college. When she got into one of the top prestigious universities, she was determined to make a difference.
  • During a field trip up the western mountains of Vietnam, she discovered a very new and potential industry: human hair. After studying carefully about the types of hair of these people, she was determined to create the first hair factory in Vietnam.
  • She spent many years learning about the most advanced technologies, learning many modern technologies to apply to the production process. She made a long-term contract with the people of the mountain about going up to get the people’s hair every month. In return they will take care of their long and beautiful hair, have a healthy diet and wash their hair with herbs.

Queen Hair establishment story

  • Over the years, Queen Hair has gradually grown to become one of the largest and most prestigious hair factories in Vietnam with an extremely large scale. Queen Hair is currently a hair distributor of thousands of hair brands around the world.
  • Because of her extensive experience in the industry, Queen Hair Factory knows the exact needs of her clients and the types of hair that need to be produced. Queen Hair has a team of hairstylists dedicated to developing the most cutting-edge ideas for hair extensions as well as the quality of each hair type. Queen Hair has a total of six departments, each department is in charge of a job, thereby helping each Queen Hair product reach the customer with the highest quality.

Queen Hair is always confident with her products and always tries her best to satisfy customers. Over the past twenty years, Queen Hair’s strive for the better and are grateful to all customers for their trust and continued purchase of Queen Hair’s hair.

The amazing features of Queen Hair’s products

Here are the three outstanding features of Queen Hair product: high quality, affordability and a diverse product line.

The high quality of Queen Hair

Queen Hair products are of extremely high quality and long lasting.


The high quality of Queen Hair

  • Queen Hair collects hair from healthy women in the mountain areas of Vietnam. These donors eat a balanced diet and wash their hair regularly with herbs so that the hair is guaranteed to be healthy and smooth.
  • Queen Hair has extensive experience in hair making. The company has more than twenty years of experience in producing hair, therefore, Queen Hair Factory knows how to style the hair without damaging it.

The affordable hair price from Queen Hair

Queen Hair prices are always affordable. This is understandable due to these reason:


The affordable hair price from Queen Hair

  • Queen Hair is based in the raw material country – Vietnam. This means that the company collects its hair from the women from the country. Therefore the price is low because there is no additional fee such as shipping, operational cost, etc.
  • Queen Hair produced the hair on a large production scale and hired low wage workers. That is why the price of Queen Hair is minimized.

The wide range of product line from Queen Hair

Queen Hair has an extremely wide range of hairstyles that come with a variety of colors.


The wide range of product line from Queen Hair

  • Queen Hair products are of high quality, so the hair can be styled in many different ways without getting damaged.
  • Queen Hair also has many experience in the field, so the company knows exactly what their customers want in terms of style and colors.

Queen Hair is guaranteed that the company is up to standard in three important criteria: extremely high quality, reasonable prices and diverse hairstyles. Queen Hair based in Vietnam– a country with a stable political background, has enjoyed many policies that support the import and export routes. Therefore, the delivery process is always simple and fast. If you own a hair brand, you should definitely contact Queen Hair for advice and discounts on hair extensions.


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