5S Hair Factory, founded in 1989 with an unstoppable passion for creative products from natural hair, keeps trying day by day to become the greatest Vietnamese hair factory in the world, supplying wholesale quantities. Along with that beautiful journey, its ever-lasting mission is to create the most qualified hair products to make women splendid.


5S Hair Factory from hands to hair

A detailed view into 5S Hair Factory’s positive and core vision

5S Hair factory sets itself a very ambitious future prospect on its career and continues patiently year by year to make it happen


Virgin ponytail hair extensions from 5S Hair Factory

The best hair factory supplying the wholesale quantities

Since the establishment in 1989, the hair factory maintain to focus on this vision

  • For a long time, hair beauty has become an important part in every woman’s life. The demand for this kind of beauty products creates a huge opportunity for 5S hair factory to expand its manufacturing size and organization structure.
  • Thanks to this, the wholesale order keeps increasing day by day. 5S factory has been enlarging its impact on hair extension world-wide
  • Vietnamese hair owns everything needed for an ideal hair both in the strength and the flexibility of the hair. So, there is a possible and practical chance for 5S Hair Factory to reach the top of the highest mountain in hair industry. 5S Hair factory sell wholesale virgin hair, wholesale remy hair with hight qualiy.

Becoming a hair factory that everyone puts a complete trust

When it comes to the business market, trust is a core condition that decides the success prospect of a corporation.

  • 5S Hair Factory has printed its footsteps in many parts of the world including Africa, America, Europe, Asia… and it still keeps moving forward. This shows a positive reality that customers believe in 5S’s products.
  • The number of wholesale seller going up everyday means 5S Hair Factory has done such a great job toward its vision “ to become a trust-worthy hair factory”

Meaningful and important missions of 5S hair Factory

5S Hair Factory is carrying a wonderful possible mission to support the beauty of billions of women in this world.

Making every woman on this wonderful planet shine bright like a diamond.

Women deserve the most beautiful things in the world and 5S hair Factory will make it happen


Virgin clip-in hair extensions specially from 5S Hair Factory

  • Hair is a very important part of the whole body. A suitable style of hair can create a big difference. In other words, a well-matched hair could make a woman become more and more attractive.
  • 5S Hair Factory develops itself daily with new and trendy hair creations. The factory has come up with lots of types of hair such as weft hair, bulk, clip-in hair… This will give customers many ideal choices to upgrade their beauty standard.

Promoting Vietnamese natural hair as an international beauty icon.

5S Hair Factory is a Vietnamese brand which proudly introduces qualified and excellent products made in Vietnam to friends around the world.

  • Vietnamese natural hair has special characteristics on the hair strength and the original black color which makes it easier to adapt on anybody’s hair without causing any troubles.


    Pixie Curl-The best Vietnamese wavy natural weft hair

  • The Vietnamese products from 5S Hair Factory have a cheap and reasonable price but good quality. This helps women with financial difficulty still have a chance to experience the beauty effects they deserve. What meaningful things.

5S Hair Factory at the present and upcoming step to achieve its vision and mission

Experiencing more than 30 years of growing up, 5S Hair Factory has made quite an amount of radical change.

Present factory size and wholesale number of 5S Hair Factory

The Hair factory has unstoppably expanded its production scale and global effects.

  • The hair factory has earned a great number of wholesale sellers so far in Africa, Europe, Asia, America…..
  • With a greater size of factory and hundreds of employees, 5S Hair can meet up with any big order from you internationally.
  • Together with its impressive productivity, There is always a very supportive and energetic sales team who are at any time ready to clarify any of your demands or questions. For your information, the monthly wholesale from 5S hair factory is 2000kg exported in many countries.
  • If you have any query or request about products, please contact +84855555754 -Ms Lily- Sale manager. Or kindly contact us for more information at  our website: 5shair.com 

Particular action to complete 5S Hair Factory’ vision and mission

5S Hair still is on the way to reach the beautiful ending of its journey. The whole company are always ready to work and dedicate to the success of 5S Hair Factory.


5S Hair Factory on process of preparing hair for overseas customers

  • The company is committed to sustainable creativity. New and hot trendy styles of hair keep being introduced to global customers.
  • 5S Hair focuses on its potential staff who are tested and trained intensively carefully, so that they can develop themselves to meet up with the company’s standard and make customers pleasant and satisfied.
  • Maintaining and keeping healthy and close relationship with international wholesale groups and individuals for a sustainable development.

Thank you for your support and care to 5S Hair Factory. We are looking forward to accompanying you to shine with the prettiest hair. See our Twitter profile at https://twitter.com/5shairfactory/

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You can also contact Whatsapp +84855555754 -Ms Lily- Sale manager.